Fishing for Stripers at Lake Texoma



Baits for catching stripers include jigs, slabs, live baits and top water lures. This article will focus on how to catch stripers at Lake Texoma using top water.


The important thing to remember when using topwater lures is to choose a med action rod, preferably 6’6 to 7 inches. Topwater bait requires a lot of rod action and if you use a heavier rod than what is prescribed the rod action might wear you out. When it comes to the rod material, a graphite rod may be lighter than the fiberglass kind, but they are not suitable for bait fishing. So, you need to choose a rod that is versatile so you won’t have to carry a bunch of rods when you’re going on a fishing trip. The Abu Garcia Workhorse rods are very versatile because they are light and sensitive but are very durable as well. For the reel, use an Abu Garcia 5500 or 6500 C-3. A spinning reel is ideal if you don’t know how to throw a bait caster. Lastly, change your line as often as you can to improve the performance of your reels and avoid losing your catch or your expensive water baits.

GT_Poppers_-_Fishing_Lures_by_Robert_StoneTopwater Baits

On a windy day, a 6” Pencil Popper is best because it is heavy but if the wind is light a Mirror Lure Top Dog or Top Dog Jr. will do. You can also use a Storm Rattling Chug Bug either in 3 ½” or 4 ½” size. But the easiest to use among these baits is the Chug bugs. Color doesn’t really matter but a shad pattern is a good preference.


During spring time, you’ll find top water striper where Threadfin shad are spawning along the shore. Shads are blue and white Herons wading along the bank. Once you see them wading, ease up to them and throw right back at the bank. If you notice that the Heron easily spooks, there’s not much top water striper in that area; the lure and action that will work best for the fish is something that you’ll have to figure out.  They sometimes like you to stop and just let the lure sit still. Once the fish strikes your lure don’t set the hook right away, try to stop and just twitch it a little, not only will you have your catch it usually draws another one.

April 4, 2016 |

A favorable move from California to Plano


business staff at a car dealership over a corporate floor

Toyota’s North American Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jim Lentz, said 75 percent of its employees favor the possible move from California to Plano. In a company survey, 4000 employees were asked about their view on a possible relocation to the 100-acre site at West Plano where Toyota is currently building their 2 million-square-foot headquarter.

The new headquarter is a five-story building. The structures for the front buildings are already up. Toyota’s move to West Plano will boost the real estate sales as 3,000 employees will be relocated.

If the numbers hold up about 3,000 employees will be relocated to the new site and about 1,000 job opportunities will be opened. The CEO said these vacancies might probably be filled by workers from North Texas.

The move is not only based on the good turn-out of approvals but seasoned employees were well considered as Toyota will not compromise their top performers over the approval of majority of its employees for the proposed move to West Plano. Toyota does not want a repeat of what happened to Nissan where they lost 50 percent of their employees during their move from Southern California to Tennessee.

Toyota’s employees are spread among their offices in Southern California, Kentucky and New York but in their new headquarter in Plano, everyone will be housed together as part of the new organizational structure where Toyota wants to create a different culture from their previous set-up where different divisions were in separate locations.

Majority of the success of this relocation relied on the good report of about 400 employees that moved to Texas a couple of years ago who mainly settled in the Dallas area. These 400 employees had great experiences during their stay in the area. They loved how family-friendly the community was, especially the schools and neighborhoods. They became the ambassador of Texas to the 3,000 employees who favored the move.

February 16, 2016 |

Plano Independent School District chooses new superintendent


Dr. Brian Binggeli, a 55-year old Florida educator has been chosen as superintendent finalist of Plano Independent School District (PISD). He is currently the superintendent of Brevard Public Schools in Viera FL. Trustee Mike Friedman, refers to him as “Our future leader of Plano ISD.”

Binggeli will start in July 1 as the board has planned. He will be replacing Richard Matkin, the previous school superintendent who retired in January after his 40 years of service in public school. The district’s chief financial officer, Steve Fortenberry is presently serving as interim until Bingeli comes on full time.

Binggeli said that the district’s search firm approached him for the job position. He then searched for more information about Plano and said that he felt like it was right fit for him. His leadership capability and students commitment was praised by the school board of Plano.

Out of 103 to 43 applicants, the number was narrowed down to 7. They were brought in for the interviews and only 3 of them made it to the second round of interviews. Eventually, Binggeli was chosen as the new district superintendent of Plano.

“You’ll be a great addition to our whole community,” said one of the trustees, Carrolyn Moebius.

March 17, 2015 |

Preschool in Plano TX


The Best Preschools in Plano

There are currently three exceptional preschools in Allen, Texas, namely Crème de la Crème, Arkaso and Bright Beginnings Preschool.

1. Crème de la Crème

Since 1980, Crème de la Crème has been bringing out excellence in children and was recognized as the best school to provide early education in Texas. Crème’s programs were featured in media, locally and nationally. Parents of students who graduated from this school shared stories of how studying at Crème helped their children excel. This is what defines Crème’s success.

The core vision of the school is to provide compassionate and approachable care as well as a safe environment for children to learn. From competent instructors to administrators and chefs, each member is aware that the quality of relationships a child encounters throughout their first 5 years of life will create a long term effect on their growth. Hence, guide them each day and help them develop.

The structural design of Crème de la Crème, a 21 000 sq. ft. facility, is a building block for students to reach their maximum potential through the aid of their teachers. When parents seek for the best early education provider for their child, they’ll find out that it is impossible for a child to maximize their potential in a standard single-room preschool system. Crème de la Crème was educationally-engineered to develop young ones minds.

To maintain the students’ eagerness and enjoyment for learning at a high level, the school sees to it that learning, fun and rest with internal and external physical activities are balanced.


Arkaso is a preschool, after school and daycare program provider in Plano, Texas. Their preschool program is intended to provide compassionate, comfortable and fun learning environment for 5-year old children. Their low student-teacher ratio will give the teacher enough time to know and understand each student more. They collaborate with parents to guarantee that each child is productive and having fun at the same time.

The school is utilizing the scholastic curriculum and aims at helping the children become academically and socially confident for kindergarten. Learning instruments such as blocks, reading, arts, dramatic play, puzzles, family and sensory centers can help students reflect and prepare them for the kindergarten classroom setting.

Arkaso Preschool is a qualified preschool in Plano that provides excellent experience for a child. They make every effort to implement best possible practices while prioritizing children’s individual needs. Additionally, they aim at helping busy parents by providing their child with a secure learning environment where they can advance and develop more.

3. Bright Beginnings Preschool

Each child is God’s child hence, they should be given the chance to enhance and maximize their physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspect. This is what Bright Beginnings Preschool believes in. They acknowledge that each child is unique and embrace them at their existing stage regarding growth.

Each child’s needs are emphasized to enhance their self-esteem and independence for the success of their learning chances. The school’s goal is to meet the educational as well as the emotional needs of the children by providing them with an enriching and optimistic learning environment.

BBPS is an educationally-based program which curriculum includes language arts, math, science, social study, health and art and music. They offer a 6-week Summer Camp program during summer excluding the week of July 4th.

March 9, 2015 |
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